The Way to a Successful Carpentry Project

At Woodwind Construction in Frederick, MD, we want to give you excellent products and services. To ensure that the finished output meets your preferences, we follow this general process guide.

Step 1: Meeting the Client

When you have scheduled a consultation with us, we will discuss the services that your property needs. Our team will carefully assess the project and consider factors such as the location, budget, and the building materials to use.

Step 2: Designing the Project

Once we had taken the measurements of your property and received your specific requests, our team will meticulously draft a design. We will provide you with a detailed output proposal so that you can easily visualize the design.

Step 3: Making a Detailed Proposal

If you are happy with the design, our team will prepare the contract. The proposal will include all the necessary information on the project, including the description of work, time of completion, as well as the materials that we’ll use.

Step 4: Delivering a Great Service

Once we get your approval, we will begin transforming your space into the one you have been dreaming of. Our team will remain in contact with you throughout the whole process to keep you updated about the project.